GAME release schedule: Starhawk for February 4th


We popped into our local Game today and whilst browsing the pre-owned section heard something very interesting. Two staff members were talking about Starhawk, so what you say? They were talking about it as it was now on their release schedule and was down for a 4th February release date. I asked to take a look and they happily obliged. It was down there in black and white, Starhawk for the 4th February. Is this what Sony are planning to announce on the 12th? We shall soon find out. This is by no means confirmation but it has proven to be pretty accurate in the past with the Splinter Cell trilogy showing up before announcement.

For those of you who don’t know, Starhawk is (apparently) the follow up to the highly acclaimed PS3 exclusive game, Warhawk. It has been oft-rumoured but never announced, until now?

starhawk game release schedule

EDIT: We’d just like to say, we weren’t posting this as news of the date, but the fact it’s down for release is another chunk of evidence in the building heap.

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