Landit Bandit Review

Landit Bandit Game Review

Landit Bandit is the offspring of The Bearded Ladies. Now that really sets the trend for the game. It’s not exactly what you’d expect! You’re in control of a helicopter type contraption and dash around picking up and dropping people off around a small-medium sized map. (See video to left!)

The storyline is good. You play a man who gets stranded on an island with a large round man, you both have the same ambition of getting to the big city! You venture to many different places with their own sub objectives and each brings a slightly different gameplay aspect to the table. You get little upgrades to your ‘chopper’ which help complete the tasks!

However, even with these additions the game can get frustrating at times when you crash and get reset in another part of the map! This adds a tactical feel to the game as you plan out your route around the map as you get to know where the different people need to go. You start setting yourself so you will be able to drop off and pick up the next person in the same place! This may sound a bit tricky but once you get it you get a great sense of accomplishment and relief!

The controls also contribute to this sense of accomplishment. The game’s learning curve is great, at first your all over the place (well at least I was!) but by the end of the game you don’t make a mistake and you can’t afford too! The later levels require you to be precise and know where your going with your movements!

The game’s not exactly pretty but the comics that set the story between locations are brilliantly done! They are fun and set the story perfectly! They have a unique art style that suits the game well and links into the game. (see some art at the end of the post!) Though, in normal levels the game seems a bit underwhelming (comparable to other PSN games) in the graphical department. However, unless you look closely you’ll never really notice as you should be constantly on the move!

The important aspect of the game, the gameplay, is spot on though! As you whisk around levels landing to perfection (after practise of course) everything clicks and you learn to stop your vehicle perfectly and then take off at speed in the right direction! As I mentioned earlier, as you progress through the story you are presented with new characters who add to you ship by adding a different gameplay enhancement. This ranges from boost (from a dragon’s breath) through to an attractive women who attracts men to the ship quicker than normal! This adds a variety to the game and it works really well! You have to use the “add-ons” in each environment to complete the challenges as the environments are different and without them you wouldn’t be able to reach the next level!

On the subject of environment, they are pretty varied! One even brings a completely new gameplay aspect to the table but I won’t spoil it!

The game features a split screen ‘duel’ mode. This features a number of different modes such as Ski Jump (also in the main story), races, a capture the zone mode, a chef duel and a taxi duel. (There are more!) I am yet to play it but due to the range of modes I would imagine it would add lots of re playability to a game that’s story doesn’t really offer it barring earning a higher medal!

The Characters in the game are wierd and wonderful! Just take a look at the picture to the right and you’ll see what I mean! (only concepts) In Conclusion, Landit Bandit is a great game! Offers up something new that hasn’t really been done and does it very well! It’s fun, intuitive and – once you get the hang of it – controls really well!

92/100 Check out the game’s official site here.

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