LoveFilm PS3 App Revealed


A video was posted on the Playstation 3 YouTube channel on the 21st September. It’s entitled ‘LOVEFiLM is coming to PlayStation 3′. It shows an advertisement that includes the Lovefilm app running on a PS3. It’s only got 123 views so seems to have gone pretty unnoticed but there you go folks. You can stream movies and manage your rental lists and account. The service will be free to those of us with LoveFilm accounts – take a look below for the video and some screenshots.

From Autumn, film fans on LoveFilm subscription packages can start streaming thousands of titles through their TV to their PS3.

Open up a world of interactivity and scroll through popular titles and search through categories including ‘Pick of the Week’, ‘Most watched’ and ‘Highest Rated’.

Free trials and incentives will be made available to those who are not already a LOVEFiLM subscriber so no-one misses out!

With thousand of popular titles available on LOVEFiLM, there will never be a shortage of great films to watch.

*Video has now been removed by the User*

LoveFilm PS3 App Revealed

Shame the vids been removed :( !! I emailed lovefilm they replied: “We are sorry to inform that PS3 application is not currently available.
We will surely keep you updated once we start this service in the near

Sounds like there is one coming cant wait defo gonna upgrade my subscription when it does come out!!!

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